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  • £ 191.99

    Fabulous Hi-Tech camera complete with 'cloud' software included. The SVC1080 is a 1080P Full HD vehicle accident camera with a 2.4” LCD Monitor for live viewing, playback and setup. In addition, the camera features an integrated 3 axis G-sensor and integrated GPS receiver. This evidence can protect a driver and is accepted in a court of law. A 4GB...

    £ 191.99
  • £ 96.01

    An essential for Operators such as MiniBus/Coach/Private Hire Companies , Schools, Colleges, Residential Homes, Nursing Homes etc., where the safe carriage of passengers is a regular occurence. This High Quality Kit gives you all you need to meet legal requirements regarding the carriage of passengers and can be added to with other safety items from our...

    £ 96.01
  • £ 64.18

    The Smart-i Drive is a HD 720P vehicle collision camera with a 1.5” LCD Monitor for live viewing, playback and setup. In addition, the camera features a high-quality lens capturing clear images of the driver's view of the road.The HD images provided by the camera can be used as evidence in a court of law. Please note a micro SD card and adapter is...

    £ 64.18
  • £ 61.20

    A comprehensive Driver Safety Kit, giving Commercial Drivers personal protection in the event of accident or breakdown.

    £ 61.20
  • £ 48.00

    Top of our Range and quite probably the most comprehensive and complete Driver Safety Kit on the market. Contains everything you need and more. Meets all current UK and EU standards and gives you the peace of mind in knowing that whatever the circumstance this excellent kit ensures that you are safe, visible and prepared whatever the conditions.

    £ 48.00
  • £ 31.00

    Our most popular Driver Safety Kit, ensuring you are equipped with all you need in the event of an accident or breakdown. Similar to our Tourer kit but with an added Camera with Accident Report Kit and Safety Hammer. In the unfortunate event of an accident or damaged vehicle the camera can be used for your insurance company to give a visual recording of...

    £ 31.00
  • £ 23.84

    2kg AFFF ‘Foam’ Fire Extinguisher complete with Gauge and Mounting Bracket.

    £ 23.84
  • £ 15.65

    PCV & Commercial First Aid Kit. Blue Dot approved to latest HSE requirements, a legal requirement for Commercial Vehicles and all Passenger Carrying Vehicles i.e Private Hire, Taxis, Mini-Buses, Coaches etc.

    £ 15.65
  • £ 12.98

    600g ‘Dry Powder’ Fire Extinguisher with Gauge and Mounting Bracket.Suitable for A-B-C class fires, a popular all round extinguisher. Can also be used on fires involving electrical equipment.  Kite marked, conforms to BS EN 3 and CE marked.

    £ 12.98
  • £ 9.89

    A Mini Air Compressor for cars, light commercials, dinghies and sports eqiupment etc. A compact powerful little compressor ideal for inflating and maintaining correct tyre pressures, essential for road safety, tyre wear, correct emmissions.

    £ 9.89
  • £ 5.91

    Super bright 24 LED light with built in strong magnet and hanging hook for working under car bonnet or in enclosed spaces. This ergonomic design is confortable to use, lightweight yet very sturdy. Soft feel grip is none slip. suitable for camping and other sporting activities.

    £ 5.91
  • £ 3.99

    Small Single Person First Aid Kit in a handy Zip Top Pouch. Complies with the latest 'Blue Dot' standard for minor accidents and injuries. Suitable for Safety Kit, Glovebox, Travel Bag, European Travel and Holidays. If your work takes you out of the office this is ideal to keep in your car.

    £ 3.99
  • £ 3.62

    Tyre Pressure Guard Set 2 pce. A quick, easy way to check the pressure in your tyres without a gauge and without getting your hands dirty. See at a glance if your tyres are at the right pressure and keep yourself safe. Correct pressure prolongs your tyres lifespan.

    £ 3.62
  • £ 3.60

    Hi-Visibility Yellow Vest  for general use, a top quality lightweight garment ensures safe visibility in all weather conditions and times of day. Ideal to keep in your vehicle in the event of breakdown. Polyester with reflective body and shoulder bands. Velcro front fastening for ease of use and comfort.

    £ 3.60
  • £ 3.52

    Emergency Hammer & Seat Belt Webbing Cutter. In the unfortunate event of being trapped in a vehicle, this priceless device can cut through a restraining seat belt and break toughened window glass to allow an escape route.

    £ 3.52
  • £ 2.80

    Our Childrens Hi Vis Vest features 2 retro reflective strips for safety along with 2 reflective strips stitched on each shoulder. Essential when travelling abroad. VAT Exempt.

    £ 2.80
  • £ 2.74

    Hi-Visibility Yellow Gloves : Heavy duty construction for general useage, it is a supported glove with an anatomical design comprising a polycotton shell with an acrylic liner. Ideal for maintenance and site work, drivers loading and unloading etc.

    £ 2.74
  • £ 2.15

    Correct Tyre Pressures and Tread Depth are critical to safe driving in all weather conditions. Correct pressures can save lives and will certainly save you money over the life of your tyres as well as extending their lifespan. Fuel consumption is improved and emmissions reduced by maintaing correct tyre pressures checked once a week.

    £ 2.15
  • £ 1.80

    Clip-On Light for night time map reading, simply attach to clip board or map book and single Blue LED will give a no glare illumination of page.

    £ 1.80
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