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  • £ 68.00

    An essential in addition to our very comprehensive European Travel Kit. If your journey is going to take you through Spain or Croatia you will need an additional Warning Triangle, a legal requirement for Spanish drivers but very advisable for tourists as on the spot fines can and are being given by local police. Place front and rear of vehicle in the...

    £ 68.00
  • £ 60.00

    Based on our ''Adventurer'' top of the range UK kit, our EU Driving Kit gives everything you need to drive legally and safely when on the Continent.  Probaly the most comprehensive kit on the market today, our EU Kit contains top quality products which meet all current UK and EU legislation and requirements, and gives you peace of mind of knowing you...

    £ 60.00
  • £ 28.96

    Going Abroad to Europe, well here's all you need to comply with EU regulations. Top quality products which are necessary in the event of an accident or breakdown and required by law when travelling abroad. Please note you will need additional Hi Visibility Vests for all passengers in your vehicle, and an additional warning triangle for travel in...

    £ 28.96
  • £ 17.20

    A top quality 1kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher complete with pressure gauge and wall/floor mounting bracket. Conforms to Standard EN3, British Standard Kite Marked and suitable for ABC applications.

    £ 17.20
  • £ 5.95

    A legal requirement in most countries in Europe and highly recommended in UK. Our kit contains a variety of replacement bulbs and fuses to suit most vehicles. Care should always be taken when handling bulbs, in the case of halogen bulbs extra care should be taken not to directly touch the glass, if touched by mistake clean with a soft cloth before fitting.

    £ 5.95
  • £ 5.34

    A legal requirement for driving abroad, your headlights must be correctly aligned to driving on the right so as not to distract or blind on coming drivers. Unless going abroad for a long period of time, having your headlight beam adjusted at a garage can be very costly, an easy short term solution are our Headlight Beam Adjusters. Quick and easy to fit...

    £ 5.34
  • £ 5.26

    UK/EU approved Warning Triangle in carry case. Stable base and highly reflective, essential for your safety in the event of breakdown, an early warning to other drivers (particularly on motorways) that your vehicle is stationary and there may be drivers and/or passengers nearby.  A legal requirement in many European Countries.

    £ 5.26
  • £ 3.99

    Small Single Person First Aid Kit in a handy Zip Top Pouch. Complies with the latest 'Blue Dot' standard for minor accidents and injuries. Suitable for Safety Kit, Glovebox, Travel Bag, European Travel and Holidays. If your work takes you out of the office this is ideal to keep in your car.

    £ 3.99
  • £ 3.60

    Hi-Visibility Yellow Vest  for general use, a top quality lightweight garment ensures safe visibility in all weather conditions and times of day. Ideal to keep in your vehicle in the event of breakdown. Polyester with reflective body and shoulder bands. Velcro front fastening for ease of use and comfort.

    £ 3.60
  • £ 2.80

    Our Childrens Hi Vis Vest features 2 retro reflective strips for safety along with 2 reflective strips stitched on each shoulder. Essential when travelling abroad. VAT Exempt.

    £ 2.80
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items